• October 4, 2020

Poker Mistakes – Avoid That Poker Mistake and Become a Better Player

Calling when you have the worst hand is one of the biggest poker mistakes that inexperienced and poor players make. The thought of this error is usually something like this:

“Well, I have a Queen and a 6, so if I get a Queen on the flop, I will be ahead and winning and if I get a Queen and a 6, I will have to take a big hand.”

If that’s what goes through your head when you play, I have some solid advice for you, WAKE UP!

You need to stop dreaming and start focusing on what is really going on. I guarantee you will NOT win a big pot with Queen 6. OK, you can if you are lucky, extremely aggressive or if you are facing even worse hands, but in reality it is unlikely to happen. Queen 6 is just one example, there are many other equal or worse hands that you should throw away to avoid serious poker mistakes.

Say, for example, that you are in a 10 player Sit and Go tournament. You are in a starting position and you have Queen 6 and call, you practically guarantee that you have lost your money. What if someone raises? Do you really think you will be ahead? If you have any good sense BandarQQ Online, then you will fold, unless you have a read on the raiser and re-raise the pot to force you to fold, this is a dangerous move because if he calls you will probably be completely behind .

But let’s say you are stubborn or really want to see the flop. Anything other than a Queen and maybe a 6, but you will have great difficulties. What happens if the flop comes J 8 3 in different suits? The player who raised the odds is that he has an Ace or King and is unlikely to raise with a worse hand than Q 6. Now that you are in position, all you can hope for is being able to check to see the next one. card, which is unlikely because your opponent has raised pre-flop and will undoubtedly bet again after the flop.

Now you will need to play your cards or pay even more to try to catch the queen on the turn or the river.

If the flop was an Ace 4 Jack, you would need to fold any bet, as they would represent the Ace, even if they didn’t have one.

OK, so stop calling with hands like Queen 6 or Jack 4, especially at a big table of 8 to 10 players or tournaments. You especially need to stop calling early in the hand! If you play these hands when you are in the dealer, small blind or big blind position, then you are more likely to limp and get lucky, but please, you MUST fold in the early positions.

If you don’t, your chip stack will be cut off gradually, calling and by the blinds. All those little $ 20 and $ 30 calls that you make quickly add up and leave you with less money to play when you eventually get a decent hand.

So, avoid this poker mistake and give up those bad hands!


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